Top Tips for Traveling With Medication and Supplements

Can you feel a headache coming on? Do you often suffer from eye-strain? Are you dealing with a particularly problematic kidney stone (as if there are any other kinds)? While you’re at home, these types of pains are often taken care of with your run-of-the-mill medication. However, when you’re traveling, medication which you need and believe to be standard may be seen differently by officials.

If you are looking to travel with medication or dietary supplements, below are some great tips to keep in mind before you pack and as you plan your vacation.

Always Carry Your Prescriptions

Whether it’s a headache tablet or your heart medication, if you needed a prescription to purchase it, then you need a prescription to travel with it. Wrap your prescription around each box and use a rubber band to hold it on tightly. This makes it easy to show any inquisitive officials should you need to.

If you are particularly concerned that your medication will be confiscated before you’ve even had a chance to show your documentation, pack it in your carry-on luggage instead of your checked bag.

What Does it Say?

If you are traveling to countries which don’t share the same language as that used on your prescription, then consider getting it translated and certified before you leave. There are numerous services which can provide an official translation of a document which can be used to prove your prescription authenticity.

Never Put Powder in a Bag

If you are using supplement drinks to bulk up or you take advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for Medifast Diet to help you lose weight, be sure to take the packet with you instead of simply emptying its contents into a nondescript bag. Nothing says that you are attempting to smuggle dangerous substances than a bag full of white powder.

Will a Generic Brand Be Accepted?

Contact the border department of the country you will be visiting to find out if you can bring in generic branded medications. Often, many people will buy generic branded medication because it’s cheaper; the benefit being that the same ingredients are included. However, these may not be to the standard which you’re visiting country requires, which could cause some problems.

How Much Can You Take?

Before you pack, check on how much of your medication you can take with you. If you are only allowed to take 20 tablets, however, you turn up to the border with 50, you are likely to lose all 50 of your medication tablets, leaving you at a loss. Instead, check first on how much you are allowed to carry across the border and be sure not to exceed it.

When it comes to international travel and medication, it isn’t always as easy as you might think. The best way to be prepared is to be just that – prepared. Take this list in mind when preparing to travel the next time and enjoy your trouble free trip!