Things People Don’t Know About Ireland

If you are planning to visit Ireland, you have probably heard stories about the people and the culture. Most of the time the Irish are known as friendly folks, who speak with heavy accents and use dialects that are only understood by their own. This type of language is called the Irish-Galeic, and it differs totally from English. Other common traits of the Irish are their red-hair and their four-leaved clover called the “shamrock” which is their national symbol. The little clover is actually something that covers most of the lands, and thus became the symbol known to all. There are other tales related to the Irish like the leprechauns and the red hair, and although the latest is somewhat true, stories of leprechauns are told since weather causes a lot of rainbows to form throughout the land, and thus gold might be found at the end.  If these tales aren’t enough there are few other interesting facts to know before travelling to the Emerald Island.

The Odd Things That People Never Talk About

Although the average facts are interesting on their own, there are some fun things to know about the country where you plan to spend your next holiday. Ireland is the only country in the world that has the harp as it’s national symbol. Although Guinness Beer is famous throughout the world, James Joyce described the stout as the “wine of Ireland”. One of the most popular radio stations in rural Ireland is the daily obituaries, and the island is the third largest in Europe.

Interesting Facts About the Irish People

It is very interesting, but the average height of anIrishman is 5’8, and an Irish woman is 5’5. Through a toll, 70% of the women would consider having an affair while on holidays, apart from their loved-ones, while 90% of the men said the same. The fact of the matter is that only 9% of the Irish population are true red heads, the rest are brunettes and blondes. 57 % of the Irish people wear glasses or contact lenses, and they prefer cats over dogs as pets. It is believed that an average Irish marriage lasts 13 years, and although these don’t necessarily end in divorce, the couple rather lives their lives in sin than deal with the costly legal divorce.  Whether these things are true or just a quick number on a survey around Ireland, we don’t know, but be prepared to get acquainted with the locals during your next travels. The Irish Travel Bureau will help you plan your travel itinerary.