The Affordable Pleasure of an RV Vacation

The United States of America offers the wandering traveller just about any sightseeing attraction, vacation destination, and adventure opportunity imaginable short of a trip to outer space. Mobility, self-sufficiency, and versatility are outstanding qualities in a mode of transportation for accessing and enjoying everything the United States has to offer. There is a mode of transportation that is designed to offer each one of those qualities and to do so with some of the comforts of your own home too. Recreational vehicles (RVs) or motorhomes are understandably popular in the US and each year millions of Americans hit some of the best maintained freeways, highways, and roads in the world to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

The Comforts of Home on Wheels

Travelling the country by RV is an unforgettable experience, not unlike sailing in your own personal yacht. Everything you could possibly need to enjoy a road trip vacation in comfort is at your fingertips when you travel by RV. You have space to stretch out and relax, a berthing for the night, a fully-functional galley to cook in, room to store your food and pack your belongings, a head to bathe in, entertainment and electrical power, and climate-controlled air. The United States is also home to a multitude of paid and free public campgrounds, RV parks, and freeway rest stops to accommodate RVs for a few hours or weeks at a time.

Affordability in an RV

With over eight million households that own RVs and over 4500 motorhomes sold each month, the American RV lifestyle is more affordable now than ever. In fact, depending whether they own or rent RVs, Americans tend to spend from over 20% to nearly 60% less on RV vacations than other types of vacations, and RV rentals are available in every state and major city in the US. While there is no such thing as a cheap RV rental in the US, renting an RV is certainly affordable for nearly any traveller’s income level. For vacationers who can remain flexible when it comes to travel plans, destinations, and time of year, there are even more affordable opportunities available by placing yourself on a waiting list for a discounted rental fee in exchange for picking up an RV from one rental location and dropping it off at a destination location.


Should You Buy or Rent?

Even though renting an RV is extremely affordable in the US, there are opportunities to purchase your own RV that may cost you less money in the long run. If you are only going to spend a few weeks on your RV vacation, rentals are likely the more suitable option, but if you plan on spending more than several weeks on the road, especially in the off season (October through April), buying an RV may be just as affordable as renting one. Rental RVs are constantly upgraded to more current models every few years, leaving thousands of well-maintained pre-owned RVs available for purchase at a discounted price each year. It’s not uncommon for a vacationer to purchase a discounted pre-owned RV in the off season when prices are lower, use it for several months, and then sell it privately when prices are at their highest just before the on season starts.