Selecting Your Polar Destination: What Is Antarctica Wildlife Like?

So, you have decided to travel to the harsh, barren lands of the South or North Pole? Our congratulations! This travel will definitely become an unforgettable adventure. But which one to choose? No polar expeditions offer visiting both at the same time, for natural reasons of geographical distance of course. We bet you’ll be able to make your choice quicker if you know what to expect both in the Arctic and in Antarctica. Here are some marvels you can find in Antarctica – who knows, maybe these will convince you to make a choice for this destination?

  • Penguins. Antarctica is a place of residence for many penguins, and though you can see penguins in other places as well, some species reside only here, so Antarctica expeditions are a unique chance to see them in person. Emperor penguins, king penguins, Adelie and chinstrap penguins, and surely the funny Gentoo and macaroni penguins – all of them may be seen during your visit to this harsh but beautiful area of the Earth.
  • Seals and whales. These typical residents of cold, non-explored areas of the ocean are also unique, and seeing them in Antarctica is something you will tell your grandchildren about! Many attendees of Poseidon expeditions managed to see the white whale during their visits to Antarctica, and they assure that it is an unbelievable spectacle. So you may also try your chance and search for your whale during your expedition. Besides whales, watching the Weddel seals, southern fur seals, leopard seals, and crabeater seals is a rare delight – you will surely love them!
  • Antarctic birds. Antarctica boasts to be the place of attendance and temporary stay for the bird species with the longest wingspan in the world – the wandering albatross. These gorgeous birds cover distances of up to 10,000 kilometers when going fishing, and know what? They do not find it exhausting! Another remarkable bird that you may hardly see in the snow because of its snow-white feather is the snow petrel. This bird is very beautiful; sized not more than a pigeon, it feeds with seafood and symbolizes the essence of far south of the planet. Meeting an Antarctic skua or a blue-eyed shag may also be a reward for such a distant trip; other notable bird species include a giant petrel, cape pigeon, and snowy sheathbill. However, if you meet an Arctic tern, you are lucky! This bird is a magnificent traveler, covering over 90,000 kilometers per year and visiting both the Arctic and Antarctica, so they are indeed exclusive wildlife representatives.

As you can see, even in the coldest place on Earth, some animals and birds adapt and live in a perfect tandem with each other, surviving the harsh conditions and forming a unique fauna of this locale. However, the climate leaves a trace on them – the majority of Antarctic inhabitants are small and ground-hugging to survive the unbelievable cold, while the rest live in, or feed from, the sea. You can see all this with your own eyes, making you travel to Antarctica a guaranteed unforgettable experience!