Nuwara Eliya & Kandy- Destination Guide for a Sri Lankan Vacation!

Countries in Southern Asia have emerged to be among the popular destinations for people in the West, mainly because the diversity and variety is hard to beat. If you are looking for a really offbeat destination and want to explore many aspects of a country in a short time, Sri Lanka is your ultimate choice. While neighboring India is equally pleasing, Sri Lanka is much easy to cover on a limited break of a week or fifteen days. Two of the major places worth visiting here is Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. In this post, find some of the places worth seeing and things you need to know.

The beauty of Kandy

Kandy is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is a reason good enough to come here. The place isn’t quite big, but you will find yourself intrigued to the locales and culture. In fact, it is known as the cultural capital of the country for this very reason. One of the interesting attractions is the Temple of the Tooth, which is known for housing a tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. Counted as the most holy places for Buddhists, the temple is open from morning to evening, and the casket that contains the tooth is displayed twice for the public. If you are in love with wildlife, Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage is the next stop, where you can see elephants roaming freely around. In the morning and noon hours, you can see the feeding and bathing of elements in open, which is a delight.

Stunning Nuwara Eliya

Once you are done with Kandy, you can take the train to Nuwara Eliya, which is a pleasure in itself. The place is unlike of the others in Sri Lanka, and for weather lovers, this one is a pure delight. If you are here, you should take a tour of Haggala Botanical Gardens, which is pretty stunning, while there is the Seetha Temple, which is an important place for the Hindus. The tea plantations of the area are worth a check, and you can also go ahead and check the Hakgala Gardens.

Booking your trip

Sri Lanka is a fun place, but sadly, many of the tourist places charge almost three to four times to foreigners, which is kind of very annoying. As such, it is best to book a complete trip with some of the know tour operators to get a guide and all the bookings in place. You can check, and it is always possible to customize the plan and itinerary as needed, but both Kandy and Nuwara Eliya should be on your list. There are budget hotel options in both places, but if you book in advance, you are likely to get great offers. Kandy is mostly crowded, so booking ahead gives the best options for all budgets.

With these things mind, you can finally start thinking of an exotic tropical holiday in Sri Lanka. For the diversity and natural beauty, this is one place that will never fail to surprise.