How to Hire an RV

Do you want to take a holiday, but you don’t know how to start planning? What should you do, and when? Here are six steps you need to take to hire an RV and get ready to enjoy your trip.

Step 1: Decide Where You Want to Travel

You need to have a travel plan before you look at RV selections. Maybe you want to go camping, or maybe you want to take a trip across the United States. These are very different trips, and to successfully select a great RV, you and the car hire company will need to know what the plan is.  b2721a79729a5ee215c871bcd9dd0f3a   Step 2: Know Your Needs

Perhaps it will be just you and your spouse. Perhaps the whole family is coming along, or a group of friends. Whatever it is, you need to know how many beds you need and what type of kitchen and/or restroom facilities you need. If you are going to be at a campsite with a bathhouse nearby, perhaps you do not require a shower in your RV. You decide what is necessary and what is not.

campervan-hire-a-beginners-guide-to-renting-a-motorhome-mediumStep 3: Pick an Appropriate RV

When browsing online, the most important detail to pay attention to is that you are looking at motorhome rentals in your area. You should narrow down your options by selecting your ‘pickup location.’ Once you have selected where you will be picking up the vehicle, you can look at the options available at that location. You can usually see floor layouts of the RVs and select the motorhome that fits your needs.

classbStep 4: Determine Your Pickup Location

If you are going to be taking a trip across the country, you probably want to hire the RV from a location near your home. However, if you are travelling to a specific campground or amusement park, you may want to pick up your motorhome near your destination.

2003-Fleetwood-Excursion-for-saleStep 5: Find the Best Price

Depending on the dates you hire your RV, the prices will vary. Summer is typically more expensive due to the higher volume of requests that companies receive. If you can make your trip in a different season, you can get a discounted price. Also, make your reservation ahead of time. If you wait until the last minute to reserve, there may not be any RVs left, or you may have to pay a significantly higher price. Your price will also be determined partly by the type of vehicle you are hiring. The larger and fancier the vehicle, the more expensive it will be. Take the time to compare different websites.

DSC_0768-1024x682-600x400Step 6: Make Your Reservation

Once you have gone through the selection process, you can make the reservation. When you go to pick up the RV, be sure to have your insurance and driver’s licences for all drivers of your party available.

PIP-RV-Park-Camping-2014-smallOnce you have taken these six steps, you can successfully hire your motorhome and enjoy your trip and relaxation.