Embarking on an Australian Adventure

Are you ready to embark on a great Australian adventure? This amazing country offers much to both visitors and those who call it home. With many different climates and unique locations, you’re sure to find something you’ve never seen or done before. These tours can take you across the country from Adelaide to Melbourne and many other places. Here are some of the most fascinating places you can visit in amazing Australia.

The Clare Valley Wine Regiona

If you love wine or are interested in learning how wine is made, you’ll want to travel through the Clare Valley wine region. There are over 48 different wineries you can visit in this area, many of which offer wine tastings and elegant dinners, and will host events such as weddings or parties. This is one of the oldest wine regions in the country and is best known for its Riesling wines.

Barossa Valley

Another wine area to explore is Barossa Valley. Unlike Clare Valley, Barossa Valley’s wineries are mainly known for their red wines, especially Shiraz. A lot of this wine is used to make Penfolds Grange, which is perhaps the most popular and famous wine in Australia. Some of the world’s oldest Shiraz grapevines are cultivated here and continue to produce grapes for wine every year.

Barossa is also known for its food, and many tours and holidays take place during its various festivals and events related to food and wine.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, the third largest island in Australia, sits to the southwest of Adelaide. Many people visit the island to meet its amazing wildlife. Kangaroo Island has a thriving animal population and many different animal sanctuaries. In total, you’ll find five wilderness protection areas, 19 different conservation and national parks, and 24 protected areas here. As you walk the coastlines, you’ll come across a wide variety of animals, birds, and fish that you may not see anywhere else. There are a number of tour packages such as those available at http://www.groovygrape.com.au/ that are designed to help you see many of these amazing creatures while you’re touring the island.

12 apostles Australia

12 apostles Australia

Anna Creek

Anna Creek, located in the Outback, is the largest cattle station in the world that is still in use. This cattle station is more than seven times larger than the largest ranch in the United States and is larger than the entire country of Israel. The station completely surrounds the township of William Creek and is home to thousands of cattle. The herds are as large as 10,000 or more at times.

An adventure to Anna Creek is often more about the journey and less about the destination. Making your way out to this isolated cattle station involves exploring parts of the Outback. Your travels may take you near the abandoned settlements that sit along the Old Ghan Railway or across the bottom of the dried-up Lake Eyre, unless you happen to be in the area during one of the rare times the lake is actually full of water. During that time, Lake Eyre becomes the largest lake in Australia and draws in many different types of local wildlife.